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11 Nov 2014

Electronic cigarettes cost less than smoking tobacco cigarettes, in most cases. This is usually how they're advertised. Of course, this is rather relative. If you smoked 10 cigarettes a year, an electronic cigarette would obviously cost more than your annual tobacco bill. Figuring out the cost of these devices is sometimes easier if you take them on their own merits rather than comparing them to tobacco cigarettes.

The initial electronic cigarette cost is usually very easy to figure. Most often, a manufacturer will offer a starter kit that allows you to get all of the basic accessories, one or more batteries and some cartridges at once. This is a good way to test out a manufacturer's product.

Beyond that, the electronic cigarette cost will depend on the price of cartridges and how long they last. Most manufacturers give their estimates in terms of a pack of cigarettes. If you were a pack a day smoker and your e-cigarette refills last about as long as a pack of cigarettes, you can easily calculate the savings. Some of the manufacturers have calculators that allow you to do this on their site. Remember to factor in the actual cost of a pack of cigarettes. Most gas stations advertise the pack price minus the tax amount, so most smokers actually pay a lot in taxes that they don't always figure in.

The electronic cigarette cost will also depend upon the batteries provided by your manufacturer. Good batteries can last a very long time, at least several months and quite often far longer than that. This cost can be divided by the intervals between when you need to buy to figure out the per-day cost of using a battery. You can add this to the cost of the cartridges to more realistically calculate your actual savings.

Overall, electronic cigarettes usually don't entail nearly as high an expense as does tobacco. If you're a very light smoker or you don't even use tobacco at all and just like vaporizing, reckoning the cost relative to tobacco won't be very useful to you. In such a case, take a look at what the manufacturer offers, how much they stand behind their products and what options you have for flavors to get the idea of the value of one product versus another. Most often, however, tobacco smokers will save quite a bit.

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07 Nov 2014
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06 Nov 2014